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100% Dashing Bondhu Llewellin Setters

At Thomas Hollow Llewellin Setters, we strive to continue the tradition of King Llewellin Setters to provide the finest foot hunting bird dog.  Our Llewellin Setters have the natural pointing instincts to excel in the field as well as the disposition to make excellent family companions.

Purity Promise

Our lines of English Setters remain pure to the lines developed in England, creating the ideal pointing dog. We guarantee 100% Dashing Bondhu in our dogs, promising the best of the bloodline. 

Furry Family

English Setters are for the family- think energetic, friendly, and eager to please. Our dogs are social and smart, and they love kids! These pretty puppies turn into medium-sized babies, weighing approximately 50 pounds, making them lovely for the home and yard.

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Thomas Hollow Llewellin Setters

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